Are You Spending Too Much on RightAngle?

Sterling Carmean, CEO
August 23, 2022

Gartner forecasts that business spending on software will reach almost $675 billion this year. Committing long-term heavy capital expenditures is never easy. It takes thorough due diligence, and sometimes experts outside of your organization, to provide guidance in the buying process. 

Commodity trading and risk management (CTRM) software is a commitment companies don't take lightly. Licensing these solutions is a major expense. Costs beyond the licenses include implementation, upgrades, support, and maintenance. 

Managing expenses around your CTRM software doesn't have to be overwhelming. You can significantly reduce your costs by using a third-party partner to provide project and support services.

The Magic of a Third-Party RightAngle Partner: Lower Cost + Higher Quality 

One of the largest expenses for your business is personnel. While no one likes to outright discuss the idea of reducing this heavy overhead, the truth is that prioritizing expenditures, be it personnel, technology, or even hardware, impacts the bottom line. 

RightAngle is an expensive tool. Licenses aren’t cheap, infrastructure is a constant expense, and even more can be spent on resources to support your instance after the implementation or upgrade project work comes to an end. It doesn’t have to be this painful.  

The team you select to implement your project can be a big determining factor of whether you stay on time and within budget from a project perspective. Leveraging a third-party for project or support services allows you to:

  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Leverage sustainable implementation to limit ongoing maintenance
  • Analyze, audit and adjust your licensing usage to maximize license assets

Lower Your CTRM Total Cost of Ownership 

When managing the spend associated with your RightAngle solution, assess how you can lower your overall TCO. One way to do this is to utilize a third-party provider for support. You can buy smaller packages of support which are cheaper while getting higher expertise than hiring a full-time employee. You can choose from various levels of support, so you only pay for what you need. 

Triarc Solutions offers packages to fit your needs with the best expertise in the industry. Learn more in our detailed blog about Managed Support Services and how they can save you money in the RightAngle space.

Leverage Sustainable Implementations to Limit Ongoing Maintenance 

Another area organizations can tend to overspend is during the initial implementation process. Leveraging the right partner to implement your system allows you to meet the longer-term objective of lower cost maintenance. By making the right investment on the front end of your project and having sustainable, knowledgeable implementations, you can limit the ongoing maintenance and bug fixes specific to your company’s implementation and save money. 

Triarc’s implementation teams have completed over a hundred projects and have 16+ years of average experience per team member. Learn more about our implementation process, the expertise we offer, and how it can help save you money in our detailed blog on running efficient, on time, budget friendly projects.

Maximize Your License Assets 

Finally, it is important to analyze, audit, and adjust your licensing usage and assignment to ensure you’re maximizing your license assets. Tools exist to help interrogate this usage, maximize your return on those investments, and comply with any licensing requirements.

While Triarc does not offer these types of tools, Triangle Software, our sister company, does! They offer License Coordinator, which includes activity tracking to understand your RightAngle usage to get your license right sized. Reach out and Triarc can get you in touch with Triangle for a consultation.

Partner with Triarc Solutions to Better Manage Your CTRM Platform 

Triarc Solutions can help optimize your RightAngle CTRM solution. We can limit your company’s ongoing cost for maintaining RightAngle by implementing sustainable processes, hiring expert support with lower costs, and staying on top of your license expenses with smart tools for management. 

We have the best technical and functional RightAngle consultants in the industry, as well as a separate team of experts who can help you debug, troubleshoot, and resolve any issue that may arise. Together, these teams help you manage your RightAngle budget while maximizing your ROI.  

Contact us today to start better managing your CTRM spend better. We'll help you love RightAngle again! 

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