Advantages of Using an Implementation Partner for Your Project

John Hanisch, Director of Consulting
August 2, 2022

Software publishing in the United States alone is an industry worth more than $411 billion. More than 816,000 employees around the country support this industry.

When a company buys software, it has an important choice to make. It can rely on implementation and support services from the vendor. Or it can rely on services from a third-party consulting and support provider who aligns better to the company's internal culture and has equal or greater expertise and experience at a more reasonable cost.

Not every business leader has experienced the difference between working with a vendor versus an implementation partner. However, there is an extensive list of benefits you can enjoy when you find the right partner to work with.

What Is a Vendor?

A vendor is the business that creates and sells the software product. Vendors are traditionally a product-focused company first. Their primary profits are driven by the sale of the software.  

In some cases, vendors also provide services in various forms, including implementation services and support services. These services generate revenue for vendors secondarily and, therefore, do not always get the vendors’ internal support and focus they should to effectively help their customers.

In many cases, vendors charge a maintenance fee for their product, which includes some level, usually basic, of support. They are focused on core code issues only and defer their customers to either internal or third-party support for other issues.

What Is an Implementation Partner?

An implementation partner is a third-party company that sells consulting and support as a service. That means that their profits come from their ability to provide quality implementations, upgrades, customizations, and support over and over again.

Different implementation partners provide various kinds of assistance. Triarc Solutions provides comprehensive consulting, support, and staff augmentation services.

Implementation Partners Focus on Your Growth

As we hinted at earlier, one of the challenges when relying on the vendor for services and support is that the margin for these is not as attractive as their software margins. Thus, they provide limited resources. In contrast, an implementation partner relies on quality implementations, upgrades, customizations, optimizations, resources, and support to build and maintain a base of customers.  

Our mission at Triarc is to improve the lives of our customers and our employees. We put people first and provide the best RightAngle resources in the industry. Your success is our success, and our goal is to align with your objectives, ensuring your RightAngle system is running in a way that allows your business to scale and grow.

Partners Are Solution Providers

As an implementation partner, we try to provide value however we can. Vendors tend to rely on contracts to decide how much they will help you. Once you have signed their contract, they will not have any obligation or incentive to help you more than the terms of the contract dictate.

In contrast, we make decisions which are in the best interest of your outcomes, not ours. Often this means working beyond our contractual obligations to solve your problems the right way. We have worked with many similar clients, so there is a good chance that we have seen problems like yours before. We can oftentimes provide solutions that we have already tested and found to be successful.

Even if you find a new problem, we will use our expert resources to identify the issue and either solve it for you or find a workaround in cases where it may be a core bug.

Leverage Partners with Comprehensive Offerings

Because third-party partners are primarily focused on services and not products, they generally offer a full suite of services. Triarc is your one stop shop for all things RightAngle—from implementation services to support to staffing. We’ve got you covered!

To learn more about what a partnership with Triarc looks like and how our services align with your goals, reach out and contact us. We want to help you love RightAngle again!

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