Petroleum Marketer Upgrades to RightAngle S21.1 to Modernize & Streamline Wide Range of Business Segments

High-Level Project Summary

  • The client is an independent marketer of petroleum and petrochemical products.
  • The organization recognized its need to upgrade its RightAngle platform to be on a fully vendor-supported version, reduce the ongoing maintenance costs, improve security measures via the latest version of Microsoft Windows Server, and capitalize on the full port of RightAngle to the .NET architecture.
  • Triarc managed the upgrade to S21.1, and as a result, the client:
    • Reduced their document templates by 65%
    • Upgraded to a more secure version of Microsoft Windows Server
    • Significantly streamlined and optimized their infrastructure
    • Can now leverage platform support through the vendor
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"Our partnership with Triarc has been one of the best investments our organization has ever made."

- Controller