Case Study
Petroleum Marketer Upgrades to RightAngle S21.1 toModernize & Streamline Wide Range of Business Segments

High-Level Project Summary

  • This leading integrated energy company operates one of the largest coast-to-coast refining systems in the United States with a capacity of 3+ million barrels per day.
  • Through M&A growth, the company found itself with multiple environments and versions of RightAngle. To ensure a path to business transparency and seamless integration across all internal systems, it embarked on a transformative journey to consolidate all RightAngle environments. However, for this to be possible, it had to upgrade the primary environment from S16 to S20.
  • Finally landing on S20.1, this customer was able to consolidate more than a half dozen RightAngle environments, prepare for continued market expansion and growth, and maximize their operational efficiency across all business units.
Triarc Solutions customer quote icon

“I was very impressed and appreciative of the entire team.Their commitment and stamina are humbling. It really has been a pleasure working with the Triarc team.”

- IT Project Manager/Scrum Master, IT Solution Engineering