What is the current state of the ETRM industry right now?

Sterling Carmean, CEO
September 25, 2023


Howard W.: Hello, everyone. My name is Howard Walper, and I'm with Commodities People. Today, I have the pleasure to be here with Sterling Carmean, who's the CEO of Triarc Solutions, a group that's focused on consulting, support, and staffing services, solely focused on RightAngle. And he's been working with RightAngle personally for about two decades. Isn't that right, Sterling? Yes. Great! It's a pleasure to welcome you here today and be part of this interview.

Today, we're going to be talking a little bit about ETRM technology and how it's changing and how it's adapting to new types of business and the new speed of business. Why don't we kick things off with the question: what is the current state of the ETRM industry right now?

Sterling C.: Howard, thanks for having me. It's interesting. We are in an interesting moment right now. I think it's a bit of an unprecedented moment in comparison to where we've been over the last 15-year window. I'd say right now all major platforms for CTRM / ETRM are currently held by one vendor, which is interesting because that certainly removes a bit of the competitive activity between the larger platforms that we've seen in previous years and decades.

So, that's what's happening on the vendor side. On the commodity business side, industry continues to change and grow. Nothing on the commercial side has slowed. I think these customers and businesses are very much alive and flowing and need technological support from vendors around the space.

So, it's really a bit of an interesting moment that we find ourselves in right now.

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