Mark Black


Mark is a seasoned member of Triarc Solutions team with more than 20 years of software experience, of which 16 years are in the CTRM domain. At Triarc Solutions he is responsible for leading and guiding the technology path to ensure that customers derive the best value from their systems. Before joining Triarc Solutions, Mark held positions that required extensive interaction with clients to design solutions for their unique problems. He developed several applications for Business Intelligence and interfacing between the core CTRM application and price providers, accounting applications, etc. People in the industry know Mark for his vast experience and technical knowledge that only comes with many years of working on many projects. He is an honor graduate of Southeastern Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics.


  • Married
  • Has 3 kids
  • Lives on acreage in Oklahoma
  • Served four years in the Navy before college


  • More than 20 years of CTRM and Technical RA experience
  • Part of the PowerBuilder version Credit Center development team
  • Known in the industry for his CTRM experience
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